The Imperial Coins coin grading service is Australia's first and only official submission centre.  Through streamlining and securing the submission process, submitting coins or banknotes to PCGS has never been easier or more affordable.

Based in the US, PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) is the largest third party coin grading service in the world. PCGS guarantees the authenticity and condition of your numismatic valuables. This is essential when the time comes to sell your coins - a PCGS graded coin will almost always sell for a better price than a raw coin.

Below you will find everything you need to know, including costs & how to submit.

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Why have your coins graded with Imperial Coins?

Why Grade with us

How much does it cost?

There are three main elements to calculating your submission costs:

  1. The Grading Costs;
  2. Additional services costs, these are extra services PCGS offer at an additional charge such as True View images which will upgrade the images of your coin on the PCGS website to high resolution pictures;
  3. The Submission Handling Fee; and
  4. Return Postage Costs. These costs are all outlined below and on page 2 of the submission form.
PCGS Coin & banknote Grading Costs

An example of a standard submission and the costs involved is below:

3x Errors Coins $100 each
21x Regular Coins $30 each
1x Banknotes $35 each
Additional Services - Add True View Images for the error coins $12 each
Submission Handling Fee $20
Return Postage $20
Total: $1041

How to Have Your Coins & Banknotes Graded

Submitting your coins and/or banknotes for grading is simple and easy. All coins and banknotes should be sent in archival flips and slips – to purchase some click here. Download our Imperial Coins PCGS Submission form below, and follow the instructions for next steps. 

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How long does it take?

How long does this take?

PCGS Hall of Fame

The Imperial Coins PCGS Hall of Fame showcases a selection of highlights and stories of items that have returned from PCGS through our coin grading service. Your item could be next!

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