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MSN Collection of Australian PCGS Graded Pennies


With great pleasure and honour, Melbourne Mint Coins offer the MSN Collection of Australian PCGS graded Pennies for sale via private treaty. The collection, which is complete for all major types and varieties, is the #3 ranked set on the PCGS Set Registry, current and all time list. Each coin has been carefully hand selected over the last 10 years with a focus on quality and eye appeal, with countless examples the finest or equal finest known for the date and type. The overall collection represents a rare opportunity to purchase a complete set of Australia’s most popular and collected denomination in the finest quality to come onto the market in many years. As seen per the comments column of the list of 96 coins, many of the coins included can be traced back to some of Australia’s most famous collections.

Some of the key highlights include:

1911 MS 66RB
1912-H MS 65RB
1913 MS 65RB
1915 MS 64RB
1916-I MS 64RD
1917-I MS 65RB
1918-I MS 65RB
1930 VF 35BN
1933/2 MS 64BN
1940 K.G MS 63RB
1946 MS 64RB
1947(m) MS 65RD
1949(m) MS 65RD
1951(m) MS 65RD
1952(m) MS 65RD
1960 Y. MS 64RD

Available now through private treaty.

Download the complete collection catalogue here.

Please contact Scott Waterman for further information.


M: 04000 000 71

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