Pirate Guide to Collecting Australian Coins Paperback 2022 Edition - By Damian Walker


This book lists ALL coins currently in circulation, including the coloured $2 coins released by Woolworths as well as the dinosaur and alphabet coins from Australia Post. 

There are high quality images of every coin, so you can see exactly what to look for, plus mintages so you know which coins are rarest. 

It’s a guide to help you figure out:
- Which coins have been released into circulation over the years
- How rare each coin is
- What the coins look like, so you know what you’re looking for (and can easily spot errors)
- Which mini-sets you can complete
- Common errors and varieties that might be valuable.

Whether you're a new or experienced collector, this book will help you discover which coins to look for and what's left to collect.

There is one chapter for each denomination currently in circulation in Australia ($2, $1, 50c, 20c, 10c & 5c) plus the 2c and 1c cent coins that were in circulation from 1966 to 1991. 

Each chapter has:
- High quality photos of every coin design in circulation since 1966 from the Royal Australian Mint
- Mintage for each coin
- Photos of all coins released through retail stores (Woolworths & Australia Post)
- Errors and varieties unique to that coin, including how to spot them!

The Two Dollar section includes details of the following special releases from Woolworths (with photos and mintage details):
- 2016 Olympics $2 set,
- 2017 Possum Magic $2 set,
- 2018 Commonwealth Games $2 set,
- 2019 Mr Squiggle $2 set,
- 2019 Wallabies coin, 
- 2020 Women’s Cricket coin,
- 2020/21 Olympics $2 set, 
- 2021 Wiggles $2 set,
- 2022 Commonwealth Games A/U/S coins $2 Set, and
- 2022 Socceroos Coin.

The One Dollar section includes the Australia Post Alphabet series from 2019, 2021, and 2022 with photos and mintage details of all 26 coins from these sets. It also includes the Dinosaur series from 2022.

In addition, there are sections on the errors and varieties unique to each coin, including the Mule Errors from the dollar coin, the valuable "alien" die clash error (and many others) plus how to identify these errors/varieties.

This information is really hard to find in one place, especially with photos of the actual coins. This guide brings all the information together for you in one place, and is up-to-date as of the very end of 2022!

Updates in the 2022 edition:
- Includes all of the new coins put into circulation in 2022
- Updated mintages from the October 2022 RAM annual report - some of which are dramatically different 
- A new chapter for 1 & 2 cent coins (by popular request)
- New info on how to get the most from the book 
- Scoreboards to easily identify lower mintage coins
- Updated images for older coins
- New details on errors (and how to verify them)
- Plus a few extra surprises

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