The Cotton & Co coin rolling program (in partnership with Imperial Coins) is a first in Australian numismatics. We offer coin rolling and coin roll certification for all Australian uncirculated coins, bringing structure and security to the coin roll collecting community.

Cotton & Co will issue coin rolls on new releases from the Royal Australian Mint, and will also be re-rolling historic and earlier issues with the aim of continually expanding the Cotton & Co Australian coin roll range. Shop the range here.

This service aims to improve quality, consistency, and security within the collectable coin roll industry.

Quality and authenticity of all coin rolls by Cotton & Co are ensured. All coin rolls are wrapped in the official Cotton & Co. archival-quality roll paper and are secured with the Cotton & Co. tamper-proof holographic seal.

Why choose our coin rolling service


How to make an order

*Due to a correct high volume of rolling orders there is a delivery time of 2 weeks*

To make a coin rolling order, simply download the Imperial Coins coin rolling submission form and follow the instructions below for further directions. 

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How to

Our Prices

Imperial Coins offer three pricing options with the lowest starting at $15 per roll for 1 to 20 rolls. Additional charges will apply if coins supplied need to be certified or coins need to be replaced to complete a roll.

Additional Charges Apply If:

  • Coins are supplied loose and condition needs to be confirmed. This is because the coins need to be checked to ensure they are the appropriate condition to be rolled.
  • If coins need to be removed from packaging, there will be a additional charge of $10 per roll. 
  • Coins are not UNC or rolls and bags contain unmatched coins. Imperial Coins are able to provide replacement coins at current market rates or return coins to you at a shipping charge of $9.99 plus $2 per roll equivalent.

How the coin rolling process works

We guarantee the quality and worth of each coin set that is rolled. The entire coin rolling process, from start to finish, is carried out within Imperial Coins headquarters under video surveillance.

How it works