Secure your coin and banknote collection through our partners at Imperial Vaults. They offer cost-effective solutions that are private, discreet and facilitated by first-class customer service. 

By partnering with Imperial Vaults, we are able to facilitate secure logistics and transportation of your coin and banknote items to the Imperial Vaults facility in Brisbane. We offer a number of affordable storage options with safety deposit boxes available in a range of sizes including a specialised bullion safety deposit box.

The Imperial Vaults facility combines multi-layered security, fortified infrastructure, strategic design and location so that you can store your valuables with peace of mind.

Imperial Vaults

Why store with us

Why store with us

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Safety Deposit Box Prices

Imperial Vaults offer a number of secure storage options to suit your individual needs. 

Each safety deposit box is issued with two identical and individually registered keys, which cannot be copied. Imperial Vaults has no access to your safety deposit box, guaranteeing complete privacy and maximum security for you and your coin and banknote collection.

We offer the below safety deposit box storage options:


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