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1969 50c Yarralumla Specimen PCGS SP65

This specimen 50c coin comes with its original iconic postal numismatic cover. Scarce issue, with a mintage of less than 2,000 pieces. This coin has been graded and certified by PCGS.
The private firm of Nuphil Associates, formed in Christchurch New Zealand and operating through a Post Office Box in Canberra, ordered specimen quality 50c coins from the Royal Australian Mint, Canberra, for this Postal Numismatic Cover, often referred to as a 'Yarralumla Cover' because of the place of cancellation. Having accepted the order and received payment, the mint found it did not have coins ready to supply. The coins to meet the order were hurriedly struck on unpolished blanks. The PNC's were then assembled by Mr Varian Wilson (Nuphil) and Mr Ray Whelan (a coin dealer from Healesville, Victoria) on the mint's premises where they remained until the coin's official release date.

Upon release, the covers were postmarked at the Yarralumla Post Office on 1 September 1969 and then back-stamped at Canberra City on the same day. An unsubstantiated rumour has circulated that the Yarralumla Post Office was chosen simply because it was close to the mint when the coins were collected.

The exact number issued is unclear but is believed to be between 1,200 and 2,000. One source states that Nuphil printed 1,650 envelopes for the issue while another states that the Royal Australian Mint produced specifically to order, 1,200 specimen quality coins used for the issue.

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