Eternity Roses

Eternity Rose - Gold-Dipped Rose and Vase Set

  • Natural rose picked at the peak of its beauty, combined with a beautiful heavy cast brass vase.
  • Both dipped in certified pure 24 karat gold. (Note: karat = purity of gold and carat = weight of jewellery)
  • Supplied in a superb leather display case with navy blue velvet interior.
  • Brilliant and lustrous mirror finish.
  • The rose is Approx 11.5″ in length and the vase is 6″.
  • Robust and weighty.
  • A unique, artistic and highly impressive set suitable for pride of place display.

A beautiful Eternity Rose is the perfect gift for her on almost any occasion. From birthdays, to Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and graduations; in fact almost any occasion where a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a loved one is desired. Our gold roses also make for the ideal golden wedding anniversary gift (50th wedding anniversary). The Eternity Rose is an impressive present for all women and is a unique gift which speaks volumes. Many of our customers comment that our roses are a complete gift combining the beauty and elegance of flowers, with the majesty of fine ornaments.

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