Pirate Guide to Collecting Australian Coins - Softcover 2023/2024 Edition


By Damian Walker.
This book lists all Australian decimal coins currently in circulation (from 1966 to the end of 2023), including the coloured $2 coins released by Woolworths as well as the dinosaur, Aussie Big Things and alphabet coin sets from Australia Post.
It’s a guide to help you figure out:
• Which coins have been released into circulation over the years,
• How rare each coin is,
• What the coins look like, so you know what you’re looking for (and can easily spot errors),
• Which mini-sets you can complete, and
• Common errors, varieties and mintmarks that might be more collectible or valuable.

Whether you're a new or experienced collector, this book will help you discover which coins to look for and what's left to collect.
In addition, there are sections on the errors, varieties and mintmarks unique to each coin, including the Mule Errors from the One Dollar coin, the valuable "alien" die clash Five Cent error (and many others) plus how to identify these errors/varieties.

Updates in the 2023-24 edition:
• A wrap-up of the changes to Australian coins in 2023
• New information on how to get the most from the book
• A new section on Obverse (Heads side) designs, with important information on the various designs and errors to look for
• A new section on ‘general errors’ to check on all coins
• All of the new coins put into circulation in 2023
• Updated mintages from the October 2023 RAM annual report
• Which $2 coins have C-Mintmarks and where to look for the C-Mintmark on the relevant coins
• Scoreboards to easily identify lower mintage coins
• New and updated details on errors

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